Loved this album from very first listen.
Top class production and a "stand out" selection of varied songs passionately sung from the heart  ---- only complaint, not enough of them! --- Looking forward to complete album from this very talented West Aussie.
Brendon T Moylan' Born in Boots' Curtin FM100.1 Perth


"Keeping It Simple is Simply Great and typical of the high standard we have come to expect from a very talented performer."
Murray Dickson
Perth's Only Country Music Station.



My name is Narelle Bason & I present "Rockin the
Country" on 89.3fm in Sydney. Heard your single on
NFS 93 "It's Too Late" great song would love to hear
more of you, if you can send me a copy of the EP would
be great.

Thanks Connie,

Hi Connie Kis,

I have been playing your single "I'll Get Back About
That" since you sent me the cd, & I think it is a
great track, my listeners also love it they ring & ask
me to play it. I hope it goes really well for you.

Narelle Bason
89.3fm 2GLF


 'I'll Get Back About That' is the latest release from Connie Kis Andersen's EP "Keep It Simple". and is being played by not only DJ's in her home state of Western Australia, but is being picked up by Dj' in the eastern states and around the world, Connie Kis is proving to be the next big artist out of W.A. her full album is eagerly awaited by many. if you haven't Connie Kis Andersen in your playlist, do it now before It's Too Late. 'I'll Get Back About That' will be out on NfS #96 in May.
Kindly Keep It Country
Ron Hoysted
P.O. Box 452
Australia 3216


G'day Connie,

Keeping it simple is an album recorded by an artist
who loves what she's doing and that makes it a
pleasure to play.
Radio M.I.L.O.
Hans Hanegraaf


----- Original Message -----
From: Hans Hanegraaf
To: info@kismana.com.au
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 5:54 PM
Subject: Keeping it simple


To me "It's too late" is one of three outstanding
songs on NfS 93.
I wonder if you wouldn't send me "Keeping it simple".
If you wanna know who's asking,please check out:
and if that shouldn't work, ask Google for:
American Music Radio Shows Belgium
Thanks in advance and good luck



American Music Radio Shows
Hans Hanegraaf
Balen Neetlaan 18A
2400 Mol


Hi Connie
It gave me great pleasure to play your music for our listeners here in New Zealand.
We look forward to hearing a lot more from you.
Noel Parry
Country DJ
Radio Southland 96.4FM
New Zealand


Connie Kis Andersen "Keeping It Simple"

Connie has a very unique sound, quiet pleasant to listen to. Each of the five tracks here are potential chart toppers, especially track (5) "Lets Keep It Simple" a duet between Connie and Gary Buck from America who also co-produced this album.

Connie has dedicated this duet album to the memory of Gary Buck who passed away in 2003. Other standouts for me are track (3) "You Stole My Heart" and track (4) "It's Too Late" the other two are not far behind.

Great artwork, musicians, vocals, in fact the whole package is a winner. Don't miss this one! Through Kismana Music CD-CK A02 and www.acmla.com.au
 Written By Smoky Sheldrick ACMLA


Hi Connie
 I thought I would drop you a line to introduce myself, and let you know I am playing your single " It's Too Late" from
 NFS 93. I thoughly enjoy the track and so do my listeners.
I can't wait for the next single to come out in May.  NFS I presume. I present a CM program on 1629AM HRN Radio Network Newcastle NSW, Saturday 3 to 6 PM.It's is a commercial station with 1940 to 1970 format, older style format. Very loyal listeners and has about 6% market share.  My listeners are not all county fans and they seem to enjoy the music going on the feedback.
Keeping it Country
Ian Crombie


SUBJECT : Airplay for your  Country - Music in EUROPE
Dear Connie Kis Andersen ,
I would like to play  YOUR MUSIC  in my weekly
Here are a few important facts :
The show is  "ON AIR" since April 1992  in the Radio - Station of Krefeld
( near Düsseldorf ), nearly  900.000 listeners live in the area of coverage.
Today the show is
it has been "ON AIR"  more than 500 times and goes on and on also in  2005 !
So - if you're interested getting  AIRPLAY in EUROPE,
please send me a promo-copy of your album (and info, bio, etc.).

For requests : phone 49 - 2151 - 314099 .  You can also ask the
CMA in Nashville about my person.
Thanks in advance , I hope, your music will be part of my shows real soon.
Best regards


----- Original Message -----
From: Tony Slingsby (Slinga)
To: Connie Andersen - Kismana Music
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 10:53 PM
Subject: Thank You...

 Hello Connie,
Just confirming that we received your Promo EP on April 26.
Your wonderful album is currently being play listed on our radio
show *SLINGA'S INDEPENDENT COUNTRY* in Melbourne on Radio 88.9 WYN-FM.
Cheers and have a great week,
Tony Slingsby.

PO Box 4221 MDC
Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029
Email: slinga1@slinga.com
Ph/Fax: 61 1 03 9742 1868

Keeping it Simple spans the breadth and soul of 'country'. From the up tempo energy of  ' I'll get back about that' to the smooth and mellow heartfelt sincerity of the title track, Connie Kis Andersen delivers ! A must for Country music  lovers !
Steve McNaughton.....Singer /songwriter


Connie Kis Andersen's latest stunning release ' I'll Get Back To You On That' is a great testimony to her artistic skills. Her ability to write and perfom her own original material continues to please the listener. I found the track engaging and catchy!
Judith Davies-Moore: Punter and country music fan


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