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Out now …

GONE WISHIN’ the title track, was released to Australian markets in September 2005 and to US markets in October, 2005.

This outstanding CD of 15 strong songs exudes  passionate melodies and heartfelt lyrics, 12 of which are self penned, and communicates a depth and range of feelings with a common appeal to a diverse audience. 

Kiss My Cheek  the current Australian Top 30 hit single out now and available to Australian radio through NfS 103, will grab any country music fan with its strong catchy hook, irreverent lyrics and great bluegrass feel.

The haunting melody of the title track; Gone Wishin'   released in Australia on NfS 100 and in the US on CDX 384, carries with it a subtle message that is especially timely given the current turbulence in our world.   It is a stirring song from this outstanding singer/songwriter with enormous sensitivity and soaring voice.  Gone Wishin’ charted at #11 of the top 20 most played out of 2,400 tracks for the month of November in 2005 through CBAA, the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, and is still in current rotation on many Australian stations.

It followed her two previous Australian and  European pre album releases this past year,                        
It’s Too Late (#69 on Australian Hot fm Country Charts) and I’ll Get Back About That (# 42 on the Australian Hot fm Country Music Charts as well as # 14 on the Danish Country Music Charts and  # 11 on the Austrian Independent Country Music Charts).

Not surprising then, Connie Kis found herself being the 16th most played Country Music Artist in Denmark Europe, in September 2004.

Come On, Come On, an alternate, contemporary country song - sparse and lean, is the second track from the album to be included in a Western Australian Music Industry CD compilation, the Kiss My WAMI 2006, representing the best of original Western Australian music. 

It is also Ms Andersen's second major single release in the US through CDX on volume 392.

The smooth version of the modern classic; Wicked Game is performed from a feminine perspective whilst the timeless classic; Ring of Fire is given a fresh, modern feel and sung as a duet with Keith Cochran, rising Nashville star.

Connie Kis's music has earned comments from print media and radio presenters alike; 

“… ‘It’s Called Love’ and ‘You Stole My Heart’ are simply outstanding…”   Deborah Minter, journalist. Capital News CD review, October 2005.

Love the track; Gone Wishin’ from the album of the same name. A good selection of tracks on it and one album I feel that should be in everyone’s country music collection.”

Jeff Dunn, presenter National Australian Radio Program, ‘Good Morning Country’.

“Just thought you'd like to know that the station is to put Gone Wishin’ on permanent rotation. It's a beautiful song and all who hear it, like it and so it was agreed to put it on. Feather in your hat Connie." Rosalie Powers. Radio Presenter, Heritage 107.3 fm. Perth.

And there's plenty more ….


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